I figure I should stock my blog up with a few things I've written before chilling out on the contenet and putting new stuff up about once a week, which is the most I've ever written, honestly. I'll put a pem up, pretty dark and stuff, and part of a diad, though the second one is MUCH darker and MUCH better. However, I'd rather not post that. I want to be somewhat child-friendly. Though that's not gonna happen. First off, I'd like to discuss some ideas I had. I was writing something once. I wanted it to be a novella, and I began writing it after I read Greg Bear's novel, Songs of Earth and Power. Great novel, by the way. Anyways, it's an alternate reality sorta thing, a medieval sorta setting. It revolves around a cellist named Heron. In this world, there is the standard warfare and such, but MUCH more spiced up. Ya see, some people are able to play special instruments, and play certain songs with different effects. For example, one song may set a dude on fire, and another may heal someone. These people can also make their spells, poisons, etc. stronger by paying a blood price, or wergild. That's like Celtic or something. I dunno, it just sounded cool. It actually does mean blood price, though. Anyways, They just like cut themselves a little or lob an arm off, depending on the intensity of whatever it is. Heron basically has a hug cello that he uses a mace, smashing the crap outta things. His bow has a blade on the end of it, on the back, for backhanded slashes. His kingdom is in a war with another kingdom, whose soldiers have basically given up control of their minds to someone else, allowing that person to control their bodies, HOWEVER, this makes the controller all gross, monstrous, and tumorous. The soldiers are much stronger in battle, but if the controller is killed (and it needs to be within two miles of whatevr it's controlling, half a mile if they are all active, say fighting) all of the soldiers lapse into a vegetative state. I thought it would make a really good novella, but NOOOO, it had to come out lame every time I tried to write it. I failed miserably in all of the five or so times I tried to watch it. Anyways, here's the promised poem. I think it's about zombies, I dunno. I'm pretty sure I wrote this after I watched The Invasion, that Nicole Kidman movie. Though it's not supposed to be in the same universe or anything, it was just in my head. I DUNNO JUST READ IT.

Step, step
Coming closer
Can you hear Their feet
On the pavement?
They're strolling
No in any hurry
We're trapped,
That door will hold
Not too long now
But if we can just
Say our goodbyes
And I-love-yous
Let's go.
Don't worry.
It will be quick,
It's hundreds of feet.
Take my hand.
They can't get us
When we're in
A million
So there you are. A nice romantic poem. Just in time for Valentine's day. If you would like to read the other poem in the diad, just post a comment, I definitely don't mind anonymous ones either. You can also email me at oxymoron424@yahoo.com. I'm also considering posting a poem on a certain weekday, and stories/essays/satires every Saturday or Sunday. Give me your thoughts, guys.

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